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    log4j.properties file location  JBOSS 3.0.2/Jetty

    evgeny Newbie

      I have a beginner's problem.JBOSS 3.0.2/Jetty.
      In servlet I'am trying to:
      and have error. I tried
      URL url=new URL("http","localhost","fdn2/log4j.properties") as well;
      This file is situated in ear/war/WEB-INF/classes where all my classes are.I tried to put file in others locations but with the same result.
      09:24:31,258 ERROR [STDERR] log4j:ERROR Could not read configuration file [log4j
      09:24:31,258 ERROR [STDERR] java.io.FileNotFoundException: log4j.properties (The
      system cannot find the file specified)...............
      Here is the output.Can anyone teach me how to locate log4j property file on JBOSS ?