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    ARGGHHHHH! Can someone please help with RMI??

    Weston M. Price Newbie

      I am really struggling with a basic application under JBoss 3.0.3 (running FreeBSD JDK 1.4.1). I have a simple Stateless Session Bean deployed under JBoss. I am running into the RMI Serilizaion/Security Manager problem. I read all the posts regarding this issue and did what other suggested (ie security policy file, RMISecurityManager etc) however, now when I try and run my client I get the following error message:

      java.securityAccessContronException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermission

      First off, I have no idea what is referencing.
      Second, I have succesfully deployed both the JBoss template example as well as the examples provided from the OReilly EJB Book. Both work just fine with no problems. In fact, I can run ethereal and see the RMI Serialization happening.

      What I just don't get is what I have to do to get the same behavior from my EJB. I really have tried everything I can think of, as well as all of the suggestions. My EJB works if I add a reference to the EJB jar file in the client, however, I am really interested in getting this to work via RMI Serialization. ANY help on this matter would be appreciated.