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    Start Sequence between JBoss and Tomcat

    JM Gidon Newbie

      I've downloaded JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-3.2.3
      My aim is to debug front and back office with JBuilder 6.0.
      It's work fine for the back. I can use JBuilder's debugger for EJBs.
      However I've got a problem with the front :
      I've a servlet loading in Context quite a few parameters from the database.
      When I start my debugging session in Jbuilder Tomcat is started first and Jboss in second.
      My problem is that my servlet is using some functionnalities of the
      back office and at that point Jboss is not started.
      As a result I keep on received :
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: com not bound

      How Can I have the starting sequence in the other way round (JBoss fisrt and then Tomcat)
      Is there anybody with a workable idea ?