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    Ask Borland For JBuilder Integration


      I have found out how to ask Borland to include an integration with JBoss, and for that matter other features/bugfixes, etc.


      You have to create an account (email/password). Download the tool (unfortunatly it appears to run on windows only). I've submitted a feature request for JBuilder to support JBoss out of the box. The very cool thing is that people can vote on these enhancements, etc. If you do a query (Select Query->New Query, then enter jboss in the keyword, then click on the lightening bolt) for jboss, you will see my report/request. Please feel free to update it!

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          The Report (Request) Number is 2776. Each person has 5 votes per project. The Project in this case is JBuilder, and the Report Number is 2776.

          Click on the Votes hyperlink (above the Comments/Attachments/ Tabbed Window), and use the info above to add a vote(s) to it>