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    JavaService kills JBoss!

    Robert Augustyn Newbie

      I have an app which runs on Jboss 303 with embeded Tomcat 4.12 on JDK 1.4.1

      This app runs fine when run from the default run.bat file.
      When installed as a service, process eats up all memory and crushes without any messages. This happens when stress testing.
      Is there a known solution to this problem?

      Thank you very mych for any pointers.

      this is script which installs Service:
      @echo off
      echo Installing JBoss as service on Windows NT/2K/XP
      echo -----------------------------------------------

      if [%1] == [] goto help
      if [%2] == [] goto help
      if [%Java_Home%] == [] goto help
      if [%JBoss_Home%] == [] goto help

      echo on
      JavaService -install %1 %Java_Home%\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll -Xms1024MB -Xmx1024MB -Djava.class.path=%Java_Home%\lib\tools.jar;%JBoss_Home%\bin\run.jar;%JBoss_Home%\bin\shutdown.jar -start org.jboss.Main -params -c %2 -stop org.jboss.Shutdown -out %JBoss_Home%\server\%2\log\stdout.log -err %JBoss_Home%\server\%2\log\stderr.log -current %JBoss_Home%\bin

      @echo off
      echo The JBoss service can be removed with "JavaService.exe -uninstall %1".
      goto end

      echo The environment variables %%Java_Home%% and %%JBoss_Home%% have to be set,
      echo JavaService.exe and this script have to be in %%JBoss_Home%%\bin.
      echo Parameters:
      echo %0 service-name configuration
      echo service-name: name of service (e.g. "JBoss")
      echo configuration: configuration of JBoss (e.g. "default", "all" or "minimal")
      echo Java_Home = %Java_Home%
      echo JBoss_Home = %JBoss_Home%


      and a bat file when run stand alone:
      @echo off
      rem -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      rem JBoss Bootstrap Script for Win32
      rem -------------------------------------------------------------------------

      rem $Id: run.bat,v 1.4 2002/03/05 03:00:30 user57 Exp $

      @if not "%ECHO%" == "" echo %ECHO%
      @if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" setlocal

      set DIRNAME=.\
      if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" set DIRNAME=%~dp0%
      set PROGNAME=run.bat
      if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" set PROGNAME=%~nx0%

      rem Read all command line arguments

      set ARGS=
      if [%1] == [] goto endloop
      set ARGS=%ARGS% %1
      goto loop

      rem Find run.jar, or we can't continue

      set RUNJAR=%DIRNAME%\run.jar
      if exist "%RUNJAR%" goto FOUND_RUN_JAR
      echo Could not locate %RUNJAR%. Please check that you are in the
      echo bin directory when running this script.
      goto END


      if not "%JAVA_HOME%" == "" goto ADD_TOOLS

      set JAVA=java

      echo JAVA_HOME is not set. Unexpected results may occur.
      echo Set JAVA_HOME to the directory of your local JDK to avoid this message.
      goto SKIP_TOOLS


      set JAVA=%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java

      if exist "%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar" goto SKIP_TOOLS
      echo Could not locate %JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar. Unexpected results may occur.
      echo Make sure that JAVA_HOME points to a JDK and not a JRE.


      rem Include the JDK javac compiler for JSP pages. The default is for a Sun JDK
      rem compatible distribution to which JAVA_HOME points

      set JAVAC_JAR=%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar

      rem Setup JBoss sepecific properties
      set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dprogram.name=%PROGNAME%
      set JBOSS_HOME=%DIRNAME%\..

      rem JPDA options. Uncomment and modify as appropriate to enable remote debugging.
      rem set JAVA_OPTS=-classic -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8787,server=y,suspend=y %JAVA_OPTS%

      echo ===============================================================================
      echo .
      echo JBoss Bootstrap Environment
      echo .
      echo .
      echo JAVA: %JAVA%
      echo .
      echo JAVA_OPTS: %JAVA_OPTS%
      echo .
      echo .
      echo ===============================================================================
      echo .
      echo %JAVA_OPTS%
      echo "%JBOSS_CLASSPATH%"
      ECHO .
      %JAVA% %JAVA_OPTS% -classpath "%JBOSS_CLASSPATH%" -Xms128MB -Xmx128MB org.jboss.Main %ARGS%

      if "%NOPAUSE%" == "" pause