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    Tomcat disappearing classpath

    Eric Hansen Newbie

      I having trouble Tomcat (JBoss-3.0.3_Tomcat-4.0.5) when deploying a war file.... I'm getting classdefnotfound exceptions in my web app.

      It turns out that the problem is the same when whether in JBoss or with a stand-alone tomcat... and it happens only when I am using jar files that are external to the WEB-INF/lib (ie. in the [tomcat_home]/common/lib directory)

      It seems that Tomcat stops looking for classes in the WEB-INF/lib once it uses the external library - because as soon as I put all all the required libs inside the WEB-INF path, the web app works fine.

      However, I have classes that are needed for both the web app and other j2ee applications and I would like to deploy the jar in only one place. Can anyone help me to understand how I can use a jar file from an external lib and still have access to the WEB-INF/lib jars???