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    Making Jboss-3.0.3_Tomcat-4.1.12 work

    TarunLall Newbie

      Hi Everybody,

      I have installed Jboss-3.0.3_Tomcat-4.1.12. on linux. The Jboss is running but when I type http://localhost:8080/ in the browser it gives me the following error.
      "HTTP Status 500 - No Context configured to process this request" . If I run tomcat alone it works fine. I want tomcat to be my webserever and jboss to be the app server. I may be wrong but is there any setting for this ? I mean is port 8080 being used for some other service by jboss. How can I configure my jboss tomcat acts as the web server? Any help appreciated.

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          prabhakar chaganti Apprentice

          There is no default context shipped with jboss. in order to see something you need to deploy a webapp. You can see all the Mbeans deployed in the agent by going to localhost:8080/jmx-console.

          If you are using the tomcat-jboss bundle, then rest assured that tomcat is being used for your web serving!!

          Also you should search this forum before posting. This q. has been answered seeral times before.