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    Petstore 1.2.1 on jboss-3.0.3, tomcat-4.1.12 and mysql 3.23.

    Mark Newbie

      I want to run the sun petstore on the described environment and after browsing the forums for over two hours without a suitable solution, I guess I should start a new thread.
      I have the petstore.ear build and deployed on jboss and I can start the application.
      Now I have to configure the db access. Therefore I put the mysql-connector-java-2.0.14-bin.jar into default/lib and a mysql-service.xml into default/deploy.
      Now I need the two pools EstoreDB and InventoryDB but I don't know how to configure pools. Next step would be to populate the database but the petstore offers only oracle, cloudscape and something but no mysql database. Is anybody gone through this before and willing to make this hurdle a little lower for me?
      I attached the actual mysql-service.xml file but this needs some modifications I guess??