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    Cache management

    Axel Leucht Newbie


      I've heard about the famous EJB-Server jBoss a couple of times.Now I wonder whether it is appropriate for a project I'm investigating it further. Here's my question:
      The application we are going to build will also change the underneath SQL-database (eventually Oracle 8.1.7) by some other tools other than the EJB-Server (e.g. SQLPlus). Is it still possible to use JBoss as "the" application server? And if it is, what is necessary that changes in the database will be seen by the beans?

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          You will need to change the commit option in your EJB container configuration from the default option A to either B or C (these are described in the EJB spec). Both Options B and C will synchronize the entity state from the DB at the beginning of each transaction. Therefore the changes from your additional tools will be visible to the entity beans.

          In addition, JBoss provides option D which allows you to specify a time interval on how often the entities should synchronize the data from the DB if synchronizing at every transaction seems to eat up too much performance.