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    Multiple Host / Single Server How-To

    Richard Li Newbie


      Can anybody give me some idea if JBoss 3.x with Jetty can be configured as follows, and if possible, please give me some direction in how to set it up.

      I want to deploy 2 different Web Applications in a single Linux PC. I have 2 NICs where each NIC bind to a single fixed ip address. I want one application bind to ip_address1:80, and the other bind to ip_address2:80.

      Now, I may have a few choices, but not know if it can be setup and how to setup:
      1. Use 2 different Jetty servers, one bind to ip_address1 and the other bind to ip_address2. Both Jetty servers share a single JBoss server.
      2. Use 2 sets of JBoss-Jetty, and every services has 2 instances.

      Which setup better? And how to achieve this setting?

      Richard Li