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    Changing port 8080

    Zokor Newbie

      Hi! I'm new using Jboss.
      When I shut down the server, it always use port 8080:

      Shutting down server http://localhost:8080

      How can I change this port? I'm using this port in another webserver, and I think it causes JBoss doesn't shut down properly.


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          Juha Lindfors Master

          If you're using the Jetty bundle (JBossWeb), open the jetty-plugin.sar file (server/default/deploy dir) and edit the port number in jboss-service.xml (HTTP Socket listener port).

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            Juha Lindfors Master

            actually it seems Jetty is deployed unpacked so just change the file server/default/deploy/jbossweb.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml

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              Zokor Newbie

              I've changed the port number to 8090 in jboss-service.xml, where you told me:



              Now, when I start JBoss, the Bind Exception disappear. But when I shut down the server, it seems to be using port 8080. The console window says the same:

              Shutting down server http://localhost:8080
              Shutdown complete

              Although the server says shutdown complete nothing is done in the console window where JBoss is running (it doesn't stop).

              I have tried to start the server in minimal configuration with run.bat -c minimal, and the same occurs. It says Shutting down server http://localhost:8080, and I think this configuration doesn't use the Jetty server.

              I need more help
              Thank you very much.