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    Running JBOSS on a different port with Apache

    James Hang Newbie


      I'm running a PHP application on my Apache webserver on my Linux box, at port 8080.

      Now, I want to be able to run my JBOSS application on the same box, but on a different port. I changed the port number to 8085 in the jboss-service.xml file and started JBoss/Jetty. When I hit: http://localhost:8085/ it brings up a directory listing of the files in my application just fine. If I click on any of the html/text files, it brings it up fine - so Jetty is serving up the html files just fine. But when I click on a jsp file, it hangs for a long time. After a couple hours, it does eventually come up, but now I'm having trouble looking up my EJBs.

      Basically, I want to be able to run my PHP app on localhost:8080, and run my JBoss app on localhost:8085.

      Anyone have any advice in getting this kind of configuration to work? I'm pretty new with JBoss, so I can use any advice I can get. Do I need to specify the port number in other places - such as for the JMXInvokerServlet? Do I need to tinker with Apache?