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    Multiple Domains and JBoss - How?

    Dale Bronk Newbie


      I have two Windows 2000 Server boxes. One has a single IP and I will need to have www.domain_1.com go to it's war file/directory and www.domain_2.com go to it's war file/directory. I would like it if they can't see each other (class files, etc.) but it is okay if they do for now. Both domain_1.com and domain_2.com have the same IP address.

      The second box may be a bit easier... It has several IP address so the same situation as above except that domain_1.com and domain_2.com have their own, different, IP addresses.

      Also, each will need SSL.

      How do I do I configure this. I have downloaded the standard download with Jetty and I believe JBoss 3.0.0.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Dale Bronk Newbie

          Ok, I found that if I create a /WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml file for both applications with the following content:

          This works, kind of. I have the above (with different virtual host names for each of my webapps so browsing to www.domain_X.com gets me to where I want to be. Couple problems with this:

          1. I want www.domain_X.com and domain_X.com to both go to the / context but I can not specify multiple virtual hosts per app.

          2. I want to be able to also specify webmail.domain_X.com to go to my webmail program within the same war file as the rest of the domain_X.war.

          3. I want anything browsing to just the IP to fail because going to the IP I will not know which domain app to display.

          Seems that JBoss is lacking in the virtual-host features. I realize that there is nothing really in the J2EE spec for virtual hosts, but this is an extremely common need and JBoss does not seem to handle multiple virtual hosts well (or maybe even at all).

          Any ideas?