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    JBoss in ISP environment?  How?

    Dale Bronk Newbie

      Seems like JBoss is not flexible enough with the configuration to run in an ISP type environment. I have multiple domains on two of my boxes. Both need the same config except that one is afforded a separate IP for each domain while the other shares an IP for all domains.

      My problems...
      1. In the multi-IP config, I need each IP to be routed to the appropriate webapp with a context of "/".
      2. In the single IP config, I need each domain mapped to the appropriate webpp with the context of "/". The kicker here is that each domain may have multiple DNS aliases (virtual-hosts) setup. An example is that I can easily setup each webapp with a virtual host of say www.what-ever.com. The problem is that most will have multiple DNS aliase like www.what-ever.com, shop.what-ever.com, webmail.what-ever.com, etc.)
      3. For both, I can not control the names of the ejb's given by the programmers of each company. So if company A creates an application with an ejb called Customer, I believe that no other app can have an ejb named Customer. This creates a problem in an multi-domain environment when each domain is completely unrelated to each other.

      As far as the virtual host thing in the single IP config. I was able to figure out that I could create a default app by simply giving one of the apps a context root of "/" with no virtual host and that app seemed to get run when the virtual host could not be matched to any other app. The only problem here is what if multiple companies deploy an app with context root of "/" and no virtual host?

      Are these problem shared by other app servers? I know that OrionServer handles multiple IP's great as well as multiple virtual hosts for an app. In fact, I believe I can have shop.myco.com go to app1/shop and www.myco.com go to app1/home. Not sure about the multiple ejb name problem.

      Am I simply trying to do something Jboss was never intended to do? Any help is appreciated.


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          Dale Bronk Newbie

          Seeing that I have posted this multiple times and never got a single response makes me assume that JBoss can not handle this, with means JBoss is not suited for a multi-domain environment. If this is the correct assumption, then fine, but I would like to request this feature for JBoss 4. Where do I send in any feature requests?