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    run.bat - spaces in JAVA_HOME pathname problem

    Frank Griffin Novice

      I just tried to upgrade some systems from 3.0.0alpha to 3.0.4. Works great on Linux, but on Win2K startup fails because the IBM 1.3 JDK uses a JAVA_HOME that is under
      C:\Program Files\.....
      i.e. the usual crap about Windoze using spaces in pathnames. The portion up to the first blank ("C:\Program") is taken as the executable name, and "Files..." becomes the first parameter.

      If I force %JAVA% to "java", all is well.

      As far as I can tell, Windows from W98 on uses registry entries to save the path to the Java executable, so there is no real reason to try to build an absolute pathname for the Java executable on anything after Win95...

      Any help greatly appreciated. 3.0.4 worked so well on Linux that I was hoping to roll this out in a few days.