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    Repost - Please help with config

    Dale Bronk Newbie

      I posted this a while ago and got no replies and I really need this to work.

      I have two Windows 2000 Server boxes. One has a single IP while the other has several.

      What I need...
      The single IP box:
      I have DNS setup so that www.myco1.com, shop.myco1.com, www.myco2.com, shop.myco2.com all go to the same IP. I need to have www.myco1.com and shop.myco1.com be served by the myco1.war while www.myco2.com and shop.myco2.com be served by the myco2.war. I setup virtual-host, but I can only specify one. I would accept *.myco1.com and *.myco2.com virtual hosts but that doesn't seem to work. It works great with only one virtual host for each.

      The multiple IP box:
      This is is similar accept that I can place each domain on its own IP so for this I need to configure any request coming to x.x.x.1 to be served by myco1.war and x.x.x.2 to be served by myco2.war. DNS is setup so that each is pointing to their own IP's so I just need to setup JBoss to route to a war file by IP.

      I assume that at some point I will need a combination of each. I must be missing some config on this as it is extremely simple with OrionServer.


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          Phil Eschallier Newbie

          I don't know if you've found an answer yet, I didn't see one here.

          Jboss is not a web server, but can be linked to Jetty or Apache / Tomcat (and likely others). Assuming that you're simply working with the Jboss download (ie; no Tomcat), I believe that your question really is "how to configure Jetty to support virtual hosts?"

          Please see:


          and you'd use this as a reference in updating your Jetty service under Jboss. Then, each of your Jboss instances will only answer HTTP web requests virtual hosts configuration for that deployment of Jetty.

          This will work for HTTP, but you may have to do more to handle your EJBs. For the single IP machine, you'll likely have to configure each Jboss deployment to use different ports (JNDI / RMI / ...).

          ... Phil