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    config jboss for enabling external lookups

    Kristof Van Cleemput Newbie

      First of all.
      Sorry for creating a new topic it is the reply to the other topic.
      It seems that I can't reply.
      Strange because the number of posts are going up but the message just doesn't appear on the forum.
      Is this a known problem or is it just me?

      Now for my problem :
      What do I have to change in the jboss-service for changing the localhost to servername?

      I only see the port attribute (1099) in the JNDI section
      Which attribute do I need for changing the servername?(localhost) The manual doesn't state it (or my English isn't good enough for finding it).




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          Kristof Van Cleemput Newbie

          Forget the reply problem it seems to be a network connection problem from my end.

          Where can I find the info for making the external connection.
          The problem is that the application we created works on an integrated jboss with catalina (in 2.4.4 up to 3.0.4)
          It's also working from seperate jboss and catalina (external lookup) on 2.4.4. But the strange thing is that it's not working on seperate servers when using jboss 3.0.x.

          The error that I'm getting is this one : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBObject
          but there is no j2ee.jar in the classpath.
          It seems that this error is not what it seems to be.
          Why do I get this error on the seperate server and not on the combined one.

          The application is packed in 1 ear on the jboss side.
          And I see the starting page (normal because that one doesn't use ejb's.
          The error occurs when I call my first bean.
          So I think it has something to do with the connection to the jboss.
          I had a simmilar error with the seperated servers on 2.4.4
          After changing the jboss.properties that one was gone.
          However there is no way of changing the localhost on the jbossserver (that I can find) to its real name. (as in 2.4.4).
          Can somebody explain it to me in a simple way and not by refering to the manual. Because I read the damn thing twice and still did't find a simple answer to my question.

          What things do I need to change on the jboss server side for making it available for a lookup from an external tomcat server.



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            Kristof Van Cleemput Newbie

            Problem solved was a jar problem (old versions)