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    Remote calls to EJBs

    Arndt Newbie


      is there any possibility to perform remote calls to session beans using JBoss 3.0.4 - if the client sits in the same JVM as the session bean?

      Although setting
      in the jboss.xml entry of the session bean and configuring jndi.properties appropriately, parameters are always passed by reference.

      The idea is to use local interfaces where local calls are really needed and remote interfaces otherwise. But how testing local interfaces if JBoss always uses local calls?!

      Thanx in advance for your replies!

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          James Moring Newbie

          If you use remote interfaces JBoss optimizes these calls when intra-JVM. It does not force the use of local interfaces. The point being if you use remote interfaces they are optimized when possible and not when optimization is not possible. The JBoss folks actually discourage the use of local interfaces.