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    How to deploy SOAP 2.2 web services when jboss is a service

    Ron Jawanda Novice

      I have jboss running as a Windows Service.
      I have SoAP 2.2 xml descriptors where I run

      java org.apache.soap.server.ServiceManagerClient http://bmdrjawanda:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter deploy DeploymentDescriptor.xml

      My question is: Does anybody know how I can automate this process.
      ie: jboss starts as a service.... I have to wait until jboss is started. Then I deploy the service. Since I have this on a server where nobody logs into it I am wondering how to do this.

      Any ideas?
      Thanks for your help
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          Ron Jawanda Novice

          Here is how you do it.
          Unjar the soap.web
          modify web.xml

          <display-name>Apache-SOAP RPC Router</display-name>
          no description

          soap.xml should then contain

          <!-- Apache SOAP Server Configuration File -->

          Jar up the soap.war file.

          Run jboss once and deploy a web service using the interactive SOAP 2.2 interface http://localhost:8080/soap
          Make sure it is deployed (your service)

          When you deploy the service watch the conf directory. DeployedServices.ds will be created during your manual deployment.

          You must then unjar the soap.war file again.
          Place the DeployedServices.ds in the root directory and then jar it up again into soap.war.

          Now re-deploy soap.war in your jboss deploy directory.

          When you start jboss up this time you won't get an error message saying 'cant read DeployedServices.ds' anymore.
          You can go directly to the soap interface and list your web services. No manual start necessary.