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    Could your manager install and set up JBoss?

    Solveig Haugland Newbie


      I'm writing a book for semi-techies on J2EE: what the deal is, what are beans, and in particular the J2EE products that are out there that they should consider before writing or buying applications and servers.

      I'm toying with the idea of including a CD with JBoss, mySQL, Apache, whatever, and a few example JSPs, so the more ambitious readers can install and play around.

      Is this at all feasible for people who "program" in HTML but don't go beyond that, given simple instructions? And would these readers be able to follow the JBoss install documentation and have a reasonable chance of success? I'm looking for at least 60% success for getting the whole thing setup.

      Also, and this might not be the right forum, but are there a few paragraphs on this site with a good description of JBoss, for the audience I've mentioned? I've found some stuff on the main site but wanted to make sure I'm not missing a good spiel elsewhere.