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    Problem with JBoss/Tomcat Application in distributed system

    David Godfrey Newbie


      Not sure if this is the most relevant place to post this, but any help would be gratefully received....

      I have an application consisting of JBoss and the Tomcat JSP/Servlet engine, on seperate servers. A servlet is run by a web client, which invokes an EJB in JBoss to connect to a database, and returns XML which is then transformed via XSLT for presentation to the web client.

      At the point at which the EJB's home.create() method (I think) is invoked, we experience the following error, (as the root cause of a series of nested exceptions):

      "java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol: Files/Apache"

      Tomcat was installed in a "program files" directory, so we reinstalled in a root "tomcat" directory, which fixed the problem, however, I'd like to get an understanding of what caused the problem, and how we could workaround/resolve it to enable tomcat to be installed anywhere, (if it makes any difference, I tried configuring any config files that referred to the "program files" location to use the "progra~1" style of notation, but to no avail.

      Any ideas gratefully received.