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    Resource Contention - Leaking Files Handles?

    Dennis Cartier Newbie


      I have noticed some odd files appearing in the /tmp directory of my Linux JBoss machines. They are all named ddtbXXXXX.tmp

      ddtb48340.tmp ddtb48349.tmp ddtb48358.tmp ddtb48367.tmp ...

      When I check the output of lsof, it appears that close to all of the java processes running each have ervery one of the ddtb files open. This quickly adds up to thousands of open files. Each one of the ddtb files are 0 bytes long, so there is not even anything in them.

      Does anyone know what aspect of JBoss/Java uses them? Can they be deleted without taking JBoss down?

      I have tried deleting them while JBoss reamins running, no ill effects were observed, but lsof still shows the java process having them open even after they are gone.

      I am just worried that over a period of time, this will cause the JBoss servers to eventually fail. Can anyone shed any light on this?

      JBoss 3.0.4 Tomcat 4.1.12
      Debian Stable Linux
      Sun 1.4.0_02 JVM