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    jboss-3.0.4 - not allwed to modify the *-service.xml

    Chew Hock Ping Newbie

      recently, I try to install jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12.zip and connect to MSSQL database server using the sample mssql-server.xml file given by JBoss. But It always return me an error:

      09:54:31,631 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] MBeanException: Exception in MBean operation 'checkIncompleteDeployments()'
      Cause: Incomplete Deployment listing:
      Packages waiting for a deployer:

      Incompletely deployed packages:

      MBeans waiting for classes:

      MBeans waiting for other MBeans:
      [ObjectName: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=MSSQLDS
      state: CONFIGURED
      I Depend On: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=MSSQLDS

      Depends On Me: , ObjectName: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=MSSQLDS
      state: CONFIGURED
      I Depend On: jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name=JBoss LocalTransaction JDBC Wrapper

      Depends On Me: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=MSSQLDS

      After debug, I found a weird thing. Which is, it didn't allowed me to modify the *-service.xml content. If I used the *-service.xml as it is, it work fine for me. But if I modified it, then I will get this error......anyone out there know why???