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    standardjboss.xml (SFSB) cache-policy-conf settings

    Ricardo Coutinho Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have been modified the settings for SFSB so that the passivation occurs more frequently. The changes that I made work but not consistently.

      I am not sure where to go from here. Is it my setting changes or are there exceptions when the passivation will not be called.

      I have placed debugging statements on my session beans ejbPassivate method so I know when it has been called.

      My test is simple. Log on with a client, call the statefull beans, disconnect and wait for the passivation to occur. The result is that the passivation is not always called.

      I would appreciate someone confirming which of the following setting are applied what order.

      We purchased the 3.0 documentation but did not find much info on the above settings.


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          Juha Lindfors Master

          remover-period: how often the remover thread is run to remove the passivated session state from disk

          max-bean-life: how long the serialized bean state can exist on disk. If the session bean has not been activated in max-bean-life seconds then it will be removed when the remover thread is run the next time (which is run within the next remover-period seconds)

          overager-period: how often the overager thread is run which checks the instances in the cache (in server memory) and sees whether an instance should be passivated

          max-bean-age: how long the bean is allowed to live in the cache (activated) before passivated. If it has not been accessed within max-bean-age, then it is passivated the next time the overager thread runs (within the overager-period seconds)

          resizer-period: how often the thread monitoring cache misses (whether a requested instance was active) is run. This controls the cache resizing.

          So you're primarily interested in max-bean-age, and maybe the overager-period if your age is very low. Remover-period and max-bean-life control the scavenger thread that cleans the disk, not directly controlling passivation.