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    Starting JBoss in ALL Mode

    srinivas Newbie

      How do i start JBOSS 3.0 server in ALL mode instead of default mode.Kindly anyone reply

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          Fusayuki Minamoto Apprentice

          Type "run --help", then it shows following help:

          usage: run.bat [options]

          -h, --help Show this help message
          -V, --version Show version information
          -- Stop processing options
          -D[=] Set a system property
          -p, --patchdir= Set the patch directory; Must be absolute
          -n, --netboot= Boot from net with the given url as base
          -c, --configuration= Set the server configuration name
          -j, --jaxp= Set the JAXP impl type (ie. crimson)
          -L, --library= Add an extra library to the loaders classpath
          -C, --classpath= Add an extra url to the loaders classpath
          -P, --properties= Load system properties from the given url

          You can find all configurations names under the $JBOSS/server directory.
          Then you'll see your target configuration name should be "all".
          Now you know "run -c all" is the answer.