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    only one instance of a message driven bean?

    Raphael M. Grochtmann Newbie


      I have a message driven bean which must only be instantiated
      once by JBoss. The reason is that the business functionality requires that the messages are kept in the original sequence.

      Now I found in the JBoss book (vers. 3.0.4) page 166 that
      there is a configuration in standardjboss.xml in the section
      where I can configure the MaximumSize to 1 and
      set strictMaximumSize to true.

      That will configure JBoss to let *ALL* MDBs be singletons!

      It seems to me that this is a bad idea. I would prefer a
      solution where I can configure this for one specific MDB
      rather than for all MDBs.

      Is this possible?
      Can it even be configured in the MDB's deployment descriptor?

      Thanks in advance!