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    JBoss - Problem getting started

    Saqulain Firdoose Newbie


      I have downloaded JBoss-3.0.4 on WinXP. Created HelloWorld.jsp, HelloWorld.war and HelloWorld.ear and pla ced all of them in C:\JBoss\JBoss-3.0.4\server\deploy\all\Jbossweb.sar\invoker.sar and the application.xml I placed under C:\JBoss\JBoss-3.0.4\server\deploy\all\Jbossweb.sar\WEB-INF, I started the server and Lo!, I could see HelloWorld on the browser. The real problem started when I wanted to include the current date using the Date object on the HelloWorld.jsp and also changed the text from HelloWorld to BeautifulWorld and saved the .jsp. When I had done this, I could neither see the changed text nor could i see the current date, alli coul dsee was just HelloWorld.

      Could anyone please tell where I am going wrong. Is the location of my .jsp,.war,.ear,.xml files correct? Do I need to recompile and create .war and .ear files everytime i make changes to my .jsp and shoudl I stop and start JBoss everytime?

      Thanks in Advance