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    Log4J logging everything TWICE

    McGee Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm doing some pretty simple Log4J stuff - make a rolling file appender, give it a PatternLayout, add it to a logger. What's strange is that the logger is logging everything twice: once according to SimpleLayout, and once according to my PatternLayout. What's strange is that it's doing it *to the same file*. I'm configuring this programmaticaly and am not touching the existing Log4J config files.

      This is just too weird. What's going on?


      P.S. My config code is below

      m_mainLogger = Logger.getLogger("main");
      Layout layout = new PatternLayout("%d{DATE} %m\n");
      RollingFileAppender rfa = new RollingFileAppender(layout, file.getAbsolutePath());