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    Jbuilder Remote debug across firewall

    Burt Newbie


      I am not sure whether this is the right forum to go. My question is: How do we remote debug into JBoss with a jbuilder sitting outside a firewall?

      I have Jbuilder configured to debug into JBoss on my local machine without problem. However I am not sure how to debug into a JBoss server behind the firewall. Is this possible? It's very usefull for sure.


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          Burt Newbie

          Perhaps there is somebody interested in this. So I just reply to myself. Here are the steps to do this:
          1) install cygwin on both local machine and the server behind firewall;
          2) Use ssh to setup the port forwarding. For example:
          ssh userid@server -L 5000:localhost:5000
          3) run jboss in debug mode on server. Please refer to how to remote debug jboss in jbuilder enterprise edition;
          4) In Jbuilder, start the debug session which will listens to the 5000 port.

          Now you could start, stop and debug into both jboss code and your ejb code.