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    HELP - noclassdeffounderror on jboss 3.0.4 startup

    Giovani Salvador Newbie

      Hi all, i have a question

      I have developed and packaged several jar files containing ejb´s, that call each other.
      For example, jar1 contains ejb´s that call ejb´s on jar2. But i do not have packaged in jar1 the home and remote interfaces (it´s implementations, of course) of the jar2. When i startup jboss 3.0.4 i have a "noclassdeffounderror" beacuse ejb´s on jar1 call ejb´s on jar2.
      But all ejb´s startup and in the execution of the application no error occurs.
      How can i solve this problem?
      - Do i have to create a jar client for each ejb and put them in the lib of the default server?
      If yes, hoe can i create thios jar and what does it contain?
      - Do i have to package home and remote of each ejb jar1 calls? (That´s not good, imagine when i change a method, have to compile it al again).

      Any idea?
      i hope made myself clear.

      Thanks in advance