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    Changing the Application Context?

    Prashant Newbie

      I have an application abc.war that I deployed into JB0SS 3.0.4. It automatically gave a context of /abc to the application that can be invoked with url http://localhost:8080/abc/...

      Now I want to change the context to / so that I can invoke the application with the url http://localhost:8080/...

      How can I do this?

      I tried the following but did not work:

      1. I went to the jmx-console with url http://localhost:8080/jmx-console and clicked on Jetty=0,JBossWebApplicationContext=2,context=/abc

      under jboss.web.

      2. Then I changed the contextPath from /abc to / and clicked Apply Changes button at the bottom.

      3. I clicked the invoke button under void stop() went back to the page and clicked invoke buttom under void start() and got the following message -- HTTP Error 500 Failed to invoke operation RequestURI=/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor.

      Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any other easier method to change the context?Please advice.

      thanks in advance.