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    Problems moving to different server - JBoss configuration?

    Ben New Newbie


      I have a JBoss app that has been running on 3.0.x for a while now. It includes various EJBs, an app client and a couple of web components. The EJB setup is pretty standard with entity beans (BMP) talking to the database and session beans talking to the client.

      Now we have moved to a different server and there is one major problem - the client can't connect. (The web components are available and the EJBs are visible in the JMX console).

      We are using a different DB brand, but this error is nothing to do with that. Everything else is directly transplanted from the same source as the original server. (Obviously the client VM arg that sets the server address to lookup is different since it's on a different server...)

      I know there is nothing wrong with the code, the EJB deployment descriptors, or connecting (i.e. all ports are open).

      Therefore all I can think of is a setting in the JBoss configuration is different (or possibly the environment??).

      Code is listed below. The exception occurs on the last line. The RiskNetClaimSessionHome.create() method has a System.out.println as its first line, and nothing appears on the server log, therefore it is not being called. Client error stack is also below.

      Does anybody know what I could have changed that would cause the NullPointerException where it occurs?

      (Code and error log below).



      InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
      Object beanRef;

      beanRef = ic.lookup(CLAIM_SESSION_REF_NAME);
      RiskNetClaimSessionHome claimSessionHome = (RiskNetClaimSessionHome)(PortableRemoteObject.narrow(beanRef, RiskNetClaimSessionHome.class));
      this.claimSession = claimSessionHome.create();


      at RiskNetApplication.createSessions(RiskNetApplication.java:975)
      at RiskNetApplication.reconnect(RiskNetApplication.java:258)
      at RiskNetApplication.initialiseDataContainers(RiskNetApplication.java:1035)
      at RiskNetApplication.(RiskNetApplication.java:142)
      at RiskNetApplication.main(RiskNetApplication.java:124)