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    JBoss 3.0.6 creating multiple copies of lib from EAR

    Andrew May Newbie

      I've just upgraded to 3.0.6 and I've noticed that it's using up a lot more disk space for tmp files.

      I've got an EAR that contains a number of EJBs, a couple of WARs and a JAR that contains most of the implementation classes. Most of the EJBs depend on the jar file (using Class-Path: in their deployment descriptors).

      Using 3.0.3 a copy of the jar file was put in the server tmp directory. Now I've switched to 3.0.6 there's a copy of the jar file for each of the EJBs that depends upon it - and because that's 26 EJBs and the jar file is about 4Mb, it's quite a lot of disk space (we've got a number of developers sharing the same server, and we're always running out of space).

      Is this normal? Is this a side-effect of the class loading changes that were made in 3.0.5, or is it a bug?