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    Undeployment fails on Win2000

    Steinar Overbeck Cook Newbie

      Jboss 3.0.6:

      When attempting to re-deploy my ejb I keep getting error messages like these:

      09:27:31,436 WARN [DeploymentInfo] Could not delete directory file:/E:/jboss-3.0.6_tomcat-Tansportadministrasjon-ejb.jar/23.Transportadministrasjon-ejb.jar restart will delete it

      Seems to me that something is broken. There is nothing special about this ejb-jar except the fact that it relies upon another ejb-jar which was deployed previously. I.e. I have another ejb-jar which contains global EJBs for sequence management etc.

      Might this be the cause?

      Any ideas anyone? I'm getting sick and tired of having to restart JBoss all the time simply to re-deploy my application.