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    Please Help!!!  Can't connect to JBoss with remote client...

    Ben New Newbie


      I have a problem where a NullPointerException is being thrown when trying to create a (remote) SessionBean in my app client.

      It's never easy to encapsulate the problem in a short post so I'll use point form:

      * The whole thing works correctly on the development network, and clients outside the devel network can connect to the devel server.
      * It is now being deployed (on a different network).
      * Only the necessary changes (such as db connect string) have been modified in the DD's, etc.
      * The deploy environment is very similar to devel (RH instead of SuSE only).
      * Clients running on the (deploy) server machine can connect and run fine.
      * Clients running on any other machine can not connect to the deployment server (this is the problem) - a NullPointerException is thrown at the "ic.lookup();" call (InitialContext ic).
      * We have used netstat and found that the remote client connects to port 1099 (rmi?) but does not connect to 4444 (?) or any of the high-number ports used for (?) data transfer. On the devel nw, all these ports are used while the client is running.

      I believe it could be just something in the network config, but I can't even imagine what it could be. The environments are so similar - even using the same distro of JBoss (3.0.4) and Java (1.4.1). Or is it something to do with the rmi or naming services?

      PLEASE! does anybody have any idea, or encountered this problem before??? Adrian (aka warjort) - any ideas???

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      P.S. I have a previous post about this problem which includes code and output logs: