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    RichFaces and Tiles

    Ben Maisano Newbie

      Can RichFaces be used with Tiles? I haven't been able to get it to work properly. I'm using
      WebSphere 6.1
      JRE 1.5
      JSF 1.1
      RichFaces 3.1.6 ( WAS 6.1 only supports JSF 1.1 so have to )

      I've been told JSF can't forward directly to a tiles definition, so we have a regular JSP all our JSF pages forward to to "self navigate" or simulate what returning null would have done. The JSP basically reads from session and figures out what tiles definition to plug in, but how will this work with Ajax/RichFaces? Don't all ajax requests return null? Any examples out there that use tiles? I posted on User forum first but no one knew, so I was hoping a developer group would be able to explain this. Any info is much appreciated, as I'm completely stuck. Thanks.

      PS - I'm using a suggestion box and the returning list is replacing my entire body page.