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    directory for dynamic images on JBOSS 3.0.4/Jetty

    Olga Agady Newbie


      I am trying to figure out how I can save dynamic images in a directory which is outside of my EAR file and access those images from HTML client.

      I deploy EAR file on JBOSS_3.0.4/Jetty. My application needs to dynamically get images from the database and save them on the file system, so the HTML client can display those images, for example:

      <IMG src="../MembersImages/Member123.jpg/>
      <IMG src="http://www.myhost.com/MembersImages/Member123.jpg/>

      My question is: in which JBOSS's directory I have to create the directory "MembersImages" (since it is not in the EAR file)?

      Thank you for help in advance