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    Memory Utilization Growing

    Vladimir Safin Newbie

      Is it normal ?

      I have JBoss 3.0.4 with JDK 1.4.0 .. Running it on machine with RH 7.3 and 1 GB of memory, I am also running Oracle on the same box.

      When everything starts up it is using 530 MB, but gradually memory usage grows and almost reaches 1 Gb. I still have 20 MB or so left and no swap in use.

      At this point it seems memory utilization stays the same and does not grow.

      I thought it was memory leak in JBoss or something and now thinking that Garbage Collector was just to lazy to clean things up , until it reached the point where is had to .

      Is it normal ? Did somebody experienced same thing ?

      Or may be I am confused and this is a problem ? But my application seems to work fine. At least I haven't been able to crash it. Its just strange that memory get eaten up.