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    Classloader problem? PLEASE HELP

    BinhMinh Nguyen Newbie

      Can someone help me with this problem.

      I have a common lib, let's called C1. It happens that both applications need to use this common app, let call App1, and App2, since we may later deploy one app to another container so we package the common lib with each of the apps, ie, App1.ear has C1 and also, App2.ear has C1. When deploy to Jboss 3.0.4, we have a problem, the error is can not fine classloader for the class in the C1, we believe there must be some conflict in classloader because
      if we remove/undeploy one app, let say App1.ear, then the application works fine

      What is the problem? Why one application can see classloader of the others?

      please help

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          Raja Master

          Jboss uses a Unified Class Repository which means its got a flat namespace for all the classes that are in teh deploy directory. You can override this by having ur own loader repository by giving this in the jboss-app.xml

          This way, ur ear wud have its own repository and not clash with the common libs from the other ear.