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    Jndi Properties

    michael lee Newbie

      I have just installed Jboss+Tomcat (3.0.4) and everything fine. The template application (TestClient) is deployed sucessfully and can be invoked. When i execute the client application on a remote machine, the program still work. However, i have not amend the jndi.properties and it's provider.url=localhost. Why the EJB Bean still can be invoked? (verified from Jboss console).

      I am using the 'all' options to start up. Is this the result of the clustering feature?

      When i use the 'default' option to start up, time out encounter at remote client whereas local client (machine with Jboss executing) display Not found (since the EJB have not deployed on default configure). Modify url of remote client (with correct server address) also retrun EJB not found.

      I want to use the 'all' option to start up but disable clustering feature, how can this be performed? (Delete/rename cluster-service.xml)

      Thanks in advance.