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    My first JBoss (3.0.4_Tomcat) Windows installment - what wen

    Tal Newbie

      I am as newbie and one can be to JBoss.

      So I Installed the latest JBoss-3.0.4_Tomcat-4.1.12.zip Windows and frankly I get the feeling I didn't manage to do that as good as I hoped to.

      I added my JAVA_HOME to the ..\bin\run.bat and invoked the server. The following bad indicators happened -

      1. The server was looking for few JARs in server\default\lib, but they were no where to be found there. Only SOME of these JAR were in the sever\all\lib. But another set was not included at all (such as the jndi.jar).
      2. Following the "get started" advice I tried to open my explorer with "http://localhost:8082". Well you guessed right - nada.

      I suppose I didn't do something which is very elemental.
      I just need to know what :P

      Thanks in advance.