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    External Context lookup problem in 3.0.6

    Andy Christian Newbie

      I have recently upgraded from Jboss 2.4.6 to 3.0.6. I am now having a problem with lookups on an External Context. I use this context to lookup my MQ Series Queue Connection Factory and Queues. In 2.4.6 I specified the following in the jboss.jcml file:


      In 3.0.6 I created a file called external-naming-service.xml in the deploy directory. It looks like this:


      I placed my external.fs.props file in the conf directory. It looks like this:


      The following code works fine in my 2.4.6 servlet but not in 3.0.6

      InitialContext twbctx = new InitialContext();
      Context fsCtx = (Context) twbctx.lookup("external/fs");
      m_Factory = (QueueConnectionFactory) fsCtx.lookup("twblite_qcf");

      m_Queue = (Queue) fsCtx.lookup("queue/" + "twblite");

      I now receive a NamingNotFoundException trying to do lookups.

      I have also noticed that in 2.4.6, the JNDIView displays the entire contents under external/fs whereas in 3.0.6 it does not.

      I have check through the documentation but cannot figure this out.

      Any help would be appreciated.