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    yet another cnfe question...

    derek Newbie

      i have searched the forum but yet to have find a definitive answer to this question - actually, i'm not entirely sure if its possible because i'm fairly new at this.

      i have...


      A requires B; i put this reference in the MANIFEST.
      Class-Path: B.jar

      in B's code, it will try to dynamically load a class contained in A.war (*Not* using Class.forName), and it fails.

      i do not want to state this dependency in B's manifest as it is dynamic.

      i've tried Thread...getClassLoader(), putting jars in the jboss/lib directory, putting B.jar in the war's WEB-INF/lib but they all give errors (in the last case, its a loader exception due to duplicate classes).

      is what i'm attempting reasonable or should i just stick everything in their own ear files and let jboss deal with the duplicate classes issue?

      is there an xml file to describe dependencies and the order of classloading that i'm ignorant of?

      (jboss3.0.4/tomcat4.1.12 on WinXP)

      ciao for niao,