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    Testsuite errors: local class incompatible

    Carlo Luib-Finetti Newbie


      as a newbie to JBoss as was excited to find a complete testsuite ready to build and run to validate the JBoss. Doing this build, I was very disappointed to see that running the suite produced a lot of errors. (I used the binary installation of jboss 3.0.4 and compiled the sources only for the testsuite).
      Most of these errors come from incompatibe classes : "javax.naming.CommunicationException(...)local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersioUID = xxxxxx, local class serialVersionUID = yyyyyy".
      Well, I recently had some simular problem in my current project. I used a local class compiled by Borland's compiler to communicate with it's remote counterpart which was produced by Sun's compiler. These compilers generated different UIDs on the same java source!
      So my question is: Do I have to compile a completly new JBoss myself to run the testsuite successfully or is there another solution? (I can't believe that you have to recompile JBoss in your environment in order to successfully it.