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    castor and jboss.3.0.6

    daniel stacewicz Newbie

      If've got some troubles when i'm trying use jboss with castor.

      All validations (inc. regular expressions) works fine when i'm using castor as stand-alone library.

      All my troubles started when i've tried to use castor( with jboss(3.0.4).

      All validations concerning regular expressions, xsd:pattern elements, xsd:enumeration elements, are ignored when i'm unmarshalling simple object structure (generated from xsd by S.Generator) in simple EJB session bean method.

      castor.properties file is correct (marshaller.validation = true) but isValid methods eneratoed by castor's source code generator always returs true even if class atribute (unmarshalled from xml file) is invalid.

      I wonder why ? In my standalone tests im using the same castor library and the same jakarta-regexp library that im using in jboss (i've changed original castor.jar in jboss server/default/lib directory to newest castor0.9.4.3.jar form website)

      I wonder if anybody found similiar problems with jboss and castor?