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    jboss as NT Service reports proper -Xmx setting but ignores

    Ben Litchfield Newbie

      I am having a problem running jboss as a windows service. I am using the JavaService that is recommended in the quick start guide.

      I am passing it the -Xmx512m setting and it appears to pick that up correctly because I log those settings and it is being reported correctly. I have a monitoring service which hits a servlet to output these every minute or so.

      The problem is that I am receiving OutOfMemory exceptions when there is about 448Megs free. So it appears to me that only 64Megs are being utilized. I think this is related to the fact that this is being run as a service but I can't beleive that I am the first person to notice this.

      I have not found any mention of this anywhere and wanted to know if this is a known issue or if this is an issue with a specific version of the JVM.

      Windows 2000(I think)
      Java 1.3.1-b24