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    connect two jboss naming server into one naming space

    Tony Sun Newbie

      I want to know if it's possible to connect several jboss servers to one jboss server in Jboss 2.4 so that I can access all jboss naming servers via the root one. I have tried two days, still no positive progress.

      Here is the configuration


      And here is the client code:

      Hashtable env = new Hashtable(11);
      env.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory");
      env.pu(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "jnp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1099");
      Context ctx = new InitialContext(env);


      I can see the JNDIView from 8082 port. But when outside the root server Jboss VM, I can't do any operations on child servers, like list or lookup. The exception is :

      javax.naming.CommunicationException. Root exception is java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling return; nested exception is:
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.naming.ExternalContext$SerializableInitialContext (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)
      at sun.rmi.server.UnicastRef.invoke(UnicastRef.java:169)

      Thanks a lot.