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    Temp files are growing up into sky...

    Michael Newbie

      Hi @all

      The JBoss with integrated jetty I`m using creates temporary files (in source code: Handler.java).

      One group ends with .tmp and another group is called nested-****.jar.

      Both file(type)s are stored in the TEMP-dir (e.g. C:\temp).

      Although after creation there is the jdk-function deleteOnExit called, to be sure files will be deleted after/with program shutdown, only file with suffix .tmp are deleted. But the *.jar-files are still there.

      I`ve tested my temp-dir with the functionality to create and delete temp files and it works without mattering suffix.

      It`s a problem many users before have had, but it seems there is no integrated solution.

      May be, anyone has it and read these lines and answer to it.

      Thanks in advance for this,