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      I installed jboss-3.0.4_totomcat-4.1.12. I am really familier with working stand alone tomcat with IIS web server as front end.

      Here is my questions, answering them will be big help.

      In tomcat stand alone you keep your servlets, html, class files are in different places.

      I am confuse about where to put servlets, html and jsp files in jboss with tomcat intergration.

      I see many posts with regard to this questions but most of the answer's are to make .war file under /deploy and put your html files and servlets there. But how could you develop a application with serveal 100 servlets and html files. I mean is this the recommended way of doing it or is there any other way to do this.

      Now what happend if I put my servlets and html files in tomcat directory tomcat-4.1.x..../WEB-INF... like stand alone tomcat how do I put referance to Bean which is under /deploy in .ear

      This is true for html from too. if you click submit how do i put ref in ACTION=?????? to servlets if it is resides in /deploy inside .war

      I am new to EJB and try to learn EJB. Your thoughts and advice are welcomes.

      Is anyone knows step by step instruction how to setup stand alone Tocmcat and just Jboss? if you know any web site, please post it here.