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    Controlling deployment

    Bennett Baker Newbie

      Is there some way to control when an archive gets deployed? (aside from "don't put it in the deploy directory")

      Let's say that I have a running application and I have some updates for it, but if I just plop it into the deploy directory it might disrupt some running clients. Ideally, I would like the ability to drop it into the deploy directory and have some control over exactly when it gets deployed:

      a) just deploy it as soon as the system recognizes it, the way it's done now (?)

      b) wait until all server reload before deploying it

      c) wait until the last user/client has finished using the application before deploying it

      d) follow-on to c) above, prevent new users/clients from accessing the application (frees it up faster).

      I've gone over the JBoss for-pay docs and much of these fora, but I haven't found any answers to these questions. If somebody has answers (or even a pointer to where I can get the answers) I'd be grateful. Thank you!